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Getting Your Driving Licence

So which driving school are you going to choose when passing your driving test? All driving schools in Rotherham look he same but we are different...

We are the first and only driving school in Rotherham to offer you a triple guarantee. It safe guards your money and gives you peace of mind when choosing driving lessons in Rotherham. Have an explore of our website to see how we are going to help you get your driving licence...


Your Journey To Passing Starts Now
It will not be long before you adjust your seats and mirror, buckle up and turn on the ignition.
You are not just starting your car, you are also starting the rest of your life because you are going to pass your driving test and make your life amazing.

When you take driving lessons in Rotherham here at Rims Driver Training we go beyond just driving lessons we want to give you much more, but at not extra time or expense to you.
In fact, what we are going to do is help you save time and money, we will also give you the inside information needed to pass your driving test.

Why Choose Rims Driver Training?

  1. Money Back Guarantee
  2. Pass Promise
  3. 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

Would you agree it is quite hard to tell if the driving school is going to be any good or not? To the general public we all pretty much look the same, only the car really differs, other than that you have the choice of male and female instructors. But who is good and who isn’t? That is the important question.

At Rims Driver Training we are giving you a Money Back Guarantee, a Pass promise and a 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty because we know we are good. We know you will not only have a great time but you will get your driving licence.
The Money Back Guarantee applies to each lesson regardless of your level of skill, if you do not like the lesson you don’t pay.

The Pass Promise and 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty do have a small qualification process, you have got to do at least 40 hours training with us, however the national average is 47 hours, so you are well under that.
If you do not pass first time, we will cover the cost of your next test, and once you have passed your test you can take free refresher lessons to make sure your skills are kept to a high standard. Please check out terms on these offers.

Your Choice
You have two options. The first is to be safe and join Rims Driver Training where your money is protected, the cost of failing is squashed and you can keep your skills topped up after you have passed your test.
Or there is option 2 where you can risk your time and money with another driving school in Rotherham.

You Have Nothing To Lose 
If you book your first lesson and for some reason you do not feel suited, then you do not pay. That is just one really good reason why you should pick up the phone and call us.


Your First Driving Lesson
Your very first driving lesson with RIMS depends on your previous driving experience but usually we'll take you to a quite place even if you have driven before because having friends and family waving you off and wishing you good luck can be a bit nervy. They mean well, but you would prefer to concentrate on learning without people watching on.

By the end of your first driving lesson with us you will have had a good time, learned more and a plan to pass your driving test. Yes even if this is your very first time as a learner driver we are going to create a plan for you. We believe that a plan of action coupled with a progress report card allows you not only to see your driver development but it creates a focus to help you get your driving licence. 

The bottom line with RIMS is that while we know you are here for driving lessons the real reason is because you want to be on the road driving your own car.

How Many Hours To Pass The Driving Test
Probably all learner drivers ask this question so let's answer right now for you. The official average number of hours to pass the driving test as stated by the DVSA is 47 hours and that's when you have 20 hours of private practice as well.

How To Pass Your Driving Test In Fewer Hours And Save Money
While the official records are a good guide they include all types of learners, all abilities and all personal situations. Therefore if yo follow our guide you have a very good chance of needing fewer lessons.

We highly recommend you passing your theory test sooner rather than later, technically speaking it means you are half way there but it also adds to your driving skills. You will be able to adopt what you have learned into the tuition car which means less time needed for the driving instructor. Here is an example. From your theory test you will get to grips with understanding and recognising hazards, if you can implement that in the car the driving instructor will not have to teach you. Great news, you have saved time and money.

Once you have passed your theory test, speak to us about booking your practical test. We can then plan in regular driving lessons for you and regularity is vital for you to learn quickly. If you start to skip lessons and miss weeks you forget what happened in the previous lesson and you spend a lot of time recapping...That is going to hurt your pocket. So make sure you take at least 2 hours a week because it will mean fewer hours in the end.

Mock Tests
Before you take your final test we will give you mock tests, these are designed to show if you are independent, and once you are you will see you are prepared and it will give you the requited confidence

The Driving Examiner.
On the day of your driving test you will be prepared and confident, all you need to show the examiner is that you can drive without any help. Show the examiner you are always in control of the car, aware of your surroundings, and adapt to situations as they develop. By doing this you will show the examiner you are safe and have a great chance of passing first time.

Learning to drive is great fun and you are going to have the best time ever as you see your skills developing. It will not be long until you are driving your own car, playing you own music and going to places where you want to be.

A driving licence is the gateway to your future, whether its a better job, driving home at the weekends from university or just going away with your friends on amazing road trips. Here at RIMS we want to help you write the new and exciting chapters in your life. 

Phone us today to get your driving licence

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

Our son went with Mick and his teamof instructors, it was his secnd driving school and they looked after him really well. As parents we recommend RIMS because they teach your children safe driving skills

Mr and Mrs Thomas
Thanks RIMS for helping me get my driving licence, I highly recommend anyone to join if you want to drive

YESssssssss passed first time. Thanks soooo much xxxx


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RIMS have a great reputation and if you are wondering about joining our team please get in touch.
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